Jonathan Durham

© 2011

Crash & Ration 2011
helicopter salvage, paint, folding MRE stoves, canned meats, 67” x 54” x 82”

- from the press release written by Adrian Geraldo Saldana for the exhibition Parts & Labor.
"Jonathan Durham presents a careful analysis of modern, militarized materials in Crash and Ration. His use of a helicopter — a refurbished husk whose only purpose is for cinematic stunts — speaks to the propaganda and contradictions that accompany armed revolution. The precise functional elements of the cockpit have been completely striped down to their basic structural geometry, truncated and upended. Inside this shell are handmade versions of a Russian MRE folding stove and assorted canned meats that reference the advancements in food storage and the need for systematic food preservation running parallel to recession and wartime efforts. Durham's performance MRE Tomorrow, scheduled for Friday, December 16, 2011, at 7 p.m., is a sculptural action involving excavating MRE food materials from inside cast concrete and helicopter parts and cooking them with a small folding stove."