Jonathan Durham

© 2011

Cinema Survey, modified Gunter’s Chain and surveyors cross, theater seats, lights, carpet, screens, mirrored tin, aluminum, wood
84" x 57" x 42"

Gunter’s Chain
: sometimes called Surveyor’s measurement, is a geodetic system, formerly popular in Britain and its (former) colonies. It was developed in the 17th century by Edmund Gunter and is still in use today.

Surveyors Cross:A surveyor's cross is used when measuring offsets from a line. When a measurement is being made between two stations, the items of interest, such as corners of fences, great trees, houses, etc., that lie near to the line between the stations must be measured. The chain is used to measure between the two stations. After passing an object of interest, the surveyor's cross is placed on a staff and planted along the line of measurement.