Jonathan Durham

© 2011

Spread Thin from Jonathan Durham on Vimeo.
Spread Thin

The video and sculptures for Spread Thin use fragments of a news helicopter acquired from a company that salvages wreckage (from actual crashes) and repurposes the usable pieces into shells of helicopters for use in film production stunts and scene explosions. Each fragment was detonated separately in an open field using an explosive target powder commercially knows as Tannerite. The moments after each explosion were noticeably void of sound from birds and insect life. The contour of each new hole made from the explosions are cast in a mixture of birdseed, glycerine and gelatin. Thin_Installation_Durham.jpg Thin_Durham.jpg Thin Jonathan Durham_sculpture2.jpg Thin_detail_green.jpg Thin.jpg Thin_birdface2_Durham_web.jpg Detail_Durham_web.jpg